Our company

Welcome to Aegean Real Estate, a company with a great deal of experience and technical knowledge in all areas of its endeavour.

Respect for our customers, and their desires, is of predominant importance to us. We want to attract and keep satisfied customers. Our goal is to provide you with guaranteed high quality investment properties and to assist you in their care. We are well versed in the intricacies of acquiring property and investing in Greece and we understand the market and the process and can protect you through all phases. Our wide range of skilled professionals and contacts will assure that your experience is a good one.

Aegean Real Estate is active in the following areas:

1. Home Sale

2. Property Sale

3. Company Sale

4. Home and Hotel Construction

5. Maintenance and Repair of buildings and property

6. Fencing

7. Landscaping

8. Safekeeping of property

9. Security Systems

Our company collaborates only with experienced and respected professionals, including but not limited to, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, architects, electricians, notaries, and attorneys.


Leros is an island paradise, forgotten in time, peaceful and friendly in lifestyle, that many have come to as tourists and have chosen to remain and call home.