Leros Island

Welcome to Leros Real Estate office.Our Name is Aegean- Leros Real Estate. Leros is located in the Greek Dodecanese Islands. It is one of the Aegean Sea’s most beautiful gifts of nature. Leros is blessed with light, surrounded by a cobalt sea, myriads of picturesque bays and inlets, mountain trails, and beautiful blue skies; all these embrace the heavenly land of Leros Real Estate. This is not just an island. It is an island you will fall in love with and want to call home. Is surrounded by small quaint islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, which provide the possibility for lovely and peaceful excursions far away from the stress and bustle of modern life.

During its journey through time, many have laid claim to Leros Real Estate. The goddess Artemis, the Ionians, the Athenians, the Venetians, the Turks, and the Italians, have all inhabited Leros, left their traces here, and called it home. They fell in love with Leros Real Estate and we think you will as well. L’ eros after all is a word for love.

Leros is home to 9000 permanent residents. It has a hospital, an airport, two nautical ports, and a well-lighted and good road system which covers most of the island. It also has water and sewage systems and a biological treatment plant for waste water. There are soccer fields, a closed basketball and volleyball gymnasium, and many open athletic fields. Leros has five, 5×5 football fields. There are a closed theatre and three museums; one archaeological museum, one WWII museum built into a tunnel used during the war as a refuge shelter, and one folklore cultural museum. There are also three high quality marinas with some of the best provisions and services to be found in the Aegean.

Transportation connection is available to all surrounding islands from Samos to the north and Rhodes to the south. Connections to the Greek mainland, and to Τurkey are also available both by air and sea. Leros has many high quality hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and studios. It has a large variety of picturesque restaurants which serve high quality food much of which is produced or fished locally. Bars and cafeterias are also found in abundance so that visitors can lounge while enjoying spectacular views. For adventurous travellers there are well organized diving schools which will let you explore the wealth of undersea relics left over from WWII and previous eras. It is a lovely and quiet island for walkers and bicyclists with spectacular scenery at every turn.

Leros is an island paradise, forgotten in time, peaceful and friendly in lifestyle, that many have come to as tourists and have chosen to remain and call home.

Leros  Real Estate was developed by people who know the Island of Leros well. Through our real estate company, we can help you discover an isle secretly known as an unspoiled, and peaceful sun drenched haven in the eastern Aegean sea.

Our group at Leros Real Estate will use our knowledge to travel with you on your journey to discover Leros’s amazing centuries long history and culture, as well as its beautiful topography and nature. We invite you to join us in assisting you to find your own personal piece of this island paradise.

We wish you a good voyage of discovery of the island of Leros and are sure that after the revelation of what is available on this sun drenched Aegean sea island you will want to stay foreve

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leros real estate
leros real estate
Leros real estate
Leros Real estate